Jiminny Inc

Winning more deals starts with building a better sales team. Empower your sales reps to win together with Jiminny: the sales coaching platform that records, transcribes and analyses your team's customer conversations so that you can collaborate, coach and grow effortlessly.

We started to build Jiminny in 2016 with just 3 founders, a ton of ideas and the drive to make a real difference to the sales coaching space. We're passionate that everyone in sales and customer success should have the chance to succeed and be the best version of themselves.

We're now at 50+ in the team and we’ve been building something amazing for our clients and our ethos is all about giving the best customer service possible. We’re also committed to creating the very best environment for our people to do their finest work and to be the best version of themselves. We’re open, kind, determined, inventive and brave and we want you to be the same.