We are specialist headhunters for the Enterprise Software Industry. With dedicated teams in Leeds, UK and Toronto, Canada; servicing high growth enterprise SaaS pre-IPO’s across EMEA, North America and Emerging Markets.

🏆 Winner of The Recruitment Company of the Year 2021 (Under £2m Turnover) at the APSCo #AwardsforExcellence!

We specialise in building go-to-market teams for the most disruptive, high growth pre-IPO enterprise software start-ups globally. With 5 years of experience scaling their commercial teams (including Sales, Pre-sales, Leadership, Operations, Alliances, Marketing and Customer Success) to achieve growth in line with their venture capital objectives.

Our biggest success stories of recent years have included Snowflake (largest software IPO in history) and Looker (Google’s largest ever acquisition).

We exclusively focus on the top 5% of talent in the market, meaning we do not utilise job boards or active candidates. We harness our long-term connections and headhunt exceptional talent within passive/hidden candidate pools. We focus on building long term relationships, adding value at every occurrence, understanding, and actively solving key hiring pains and taking a low volume = high quality consultative approach. We have found that the competitors who work with a similar client base have gained a reputation for strong delivery but lack the core qualities that take them to trusted partner status.

Additionally, diversity, inclusion and social responsibility are at the heart of what we do, and we are continuously making a tangible change to our industry, whilst being a consistently successful small business that our employees love working for.