At Brightmile, our mission is to make work-related driving safer, cheaper, and greener.

And we’re succeeding: helping our clients reduce collision frequencies by an average of 25-35%, promote a safe driving culture, cut CO2 emissions, and reduce fleet costs to deliver a 10x Return on Investment in Brightmile.

With absolutely no hardware or hassle, frictionless on-boarding, and no upfront or hidden costs, the Brightmile app can be easily rolled out across all employees who drive for work, including traditional blindspots like company cars, contractors, and car allowance / grey fleet drivers.

Brightmile harnesses new, AI-powered technology to deliver real-time, contextual risk prevention, eliminate smartphone distraction, and actively engage drivers with gamification to reduce their risk on the roads.

Employers are empowered with a turnkey, enterprise-grade, solution that is driver-friendly, compliant with all major data privacy regulation (including GDPR), customisable to their organisation, and delivers actionable insights on fleet risk trends and targeted interventions.

Accidents aren't tolerated in the rest of the workplace. So let's reduce them to zero on the road.